What are Military Patches?

Military patches are seen on the shoulders of an army serviceman. Are you aware that there are replica patches being sold to hobbyists? These patches are also reproduced to accessorize otherwise plain apparels. There are different items that you can collect as a hobby. Some collect key chains, some collect mugs, and others collect vintage coins. It is not a surprise that people would collect patches.

custom patchesIf you are fascinated with these military patches, you can now purchase them from online shops and clothing stores. Most of these reproductions are produced in Asia, particularly Japan, Taiwan, and the Philippines. However, hobbyists say that Korea and China produce the cheapest replicas of American custom-made embroidered patches. Most of these patches are hand-made and are made from cotton or leather. They can be attached to different kinds of fabrics by sewing or ironing.


The earliest recorded patches were made in the late 1880’s. These patches were embroidered and hand-sewn on military uniforms. They used to be pale in color because light khaki was the standard color of army uniforms then. It was only in 1957 that the color was changed to green and the patches became dark green in color. There were early patches that were made form silk.

Types of Patches

The standard US military patches are round with black background and with gold writing that says “United States Army”. They are normally worn by high ranking generals. The United States Navy has round embroidered patches that have a white background and gold inscriptions. On the other hand, the US Air Force has blue writings in white background.

For the Marine Corps, their patches have three colors: red, green, and black. Their emblem is outlined in their patches. For the US Coastal Guards, they have round patches with black writings. There is a gold symbol surrounding their patches.

Those who belong to the US Veteran military, they wear patches in brown color that has white writings. The US police group has embroidered patches shaped as a shield with black background. The writings are in white.

Where to Buy These Military Patches

As briefly mentioned earlier, you can purchase them from online shops offering custom-made patches and those that sell military items. The prices will depend on the manufacturer, the detailing, and the materials used. Most of these online stores offer imported items made from the Far East. There are a lot of choices. Most of these online shops offer a wide range of designs, colors, sizes, and shapes. Most of these patches have adhesive surface so that transferring them to your clothes using a flat iron is easy. You can also choose those embroidered patches that can be sewn onto the garments.

Customizing Patches

You can also have them customized if you want to. If you will be using these patches to accessorize your clothes, you might want to purchase in bulk, it is cheaper. Online stores have graphic designers that can help you design patches or have them copy from designs that you intend to reproduce for your clothes.

These online stores can produce customized patches in all shapes and sizes. You can choose the color combination that you like. You can also choose the material. Before choosing your designs, you have to make sure that you already know how you want your garments to look like after you have attached the patches.

Have an idea in mind so that it is easier for you to choose which designs you prefer. If you are going to update several outfits, try to look for different military patches designs. It is easy to reproduce these patches nowadays but make sure that you don’t overdo it as these patches are symbolic of the heroism of the country’s servicemen, after all.

Watch Out! Pay Close Attention to Details When Making Custom Lanyards

Customized lanyards may seem to be small unimportant things but if people just look close enough, they will realize that such accessories are far from worthless. Since the designs are actually intricate, people don’t want to settle with the mediocre ones, what they want are high-quality custom lanyards. So in creating these lanyards, people must seriously need to pay close attention to the designs and materials used, especially for the custom made lanyards. Well, here are some pointers in making these neck lanyards.

It’s necessary to first think about the materials to be used. People have to think of the lanyard’s width and length. In selecting the size, they also have to consider the design they prefer and how are they going to print it on the lanyard. Luckily, there are a lot of printing options available, starting with the widely used ‘heat transfer’ method. This is perfect for polyester lanyards, but challenges may arise when printing certain designs. Silkscreen printing is another option; this technique is more suitable for nylon lanyards. Whichever method is used, one should always take note of the design to be printed.

Custom LanyardsOnce those matters have been given sufficient thought, it’s time to pay attention to design-related details. What exactly should appear on the custom lanyards? For the print to look great, the design should also be superb. In order to achieve this, it is recommended to use a vector design for optimal results and the file type should only be limited to .CDR, .AI, .PDF and other similar formats. Unfortunately, some people don’t care and use the normal type of file instead, which is the .JPG file. It is actually wrong because if the .jpg format is used, the result of the design will be unclear, and in turn, the custom lanyards are compromised and customers don’t want that.

Another thing that needs to be considered is the lanyard’s length. Selecting the length of the neck lanyard may seem unimportant but it actually isn’t. In fact this is really important, and maybe some people think that the longer the lanyard is, the better, but again, it isn’t. The length of neck lanyards even varies in different continents. For example, 45-50CM is generally and popularly used for American and European customers, while 40-45CM is used for the customers around China. So know the region of the recipient before proceeding further.

Moving on, it’s also crucial to identify which occasion the lanyard will be used for, so one can choose the appropriate accessories. In designing custom lanyards, the occasion or event they will be used for must be taken into full consideration. Of course, people want lanyard designs to be appropriate for the event. The accessories of the lanyard, as well as its color and texture, also have to be on point. With that in mind, try to avoid adding metal accessories to the neck lanyard because it might annoy the person that will use it – especially if the event involves all sorts of physical activities.

As for the cost of the lanyard, expensive doesn’t always equate to quality. Admittedly, most consumers think that going for the most expensive option is the same as getting the best quality. However, for someone who will be making such laces, there’s a need to strike a balance between profit and quality. Always know that there are materials out there that are of excellent quality but are not necessarily expensive. Find good suppliers and while you’re are at it, why not use environment-friendly materials? Environment-friendly materials are known to be durable so they will last long and they are not generally pricey.

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Five Important Things You Can Learn from a Motivational Speaker

One of the primary reasons why people attend events or seminars is because they feel the need to do so since the motivational speaker in attendance is well-known in the community or industry. People attend these events because they know that they would be able to learn something new from the speakers.

Motivational speakerIt is the keynote speaker’s sole responsibility to arouse the audience’s interest and urge them to actively participate in the discussion. Businesses and organizations usually reap the benefits of such events by sending their workforce in order for them to further enhance their skills as employees. One of the primary objectives of seminars and other similar events is to enrich the people’s knowledge and interest about a certain topic or subject.

Here are the five different ways through which a professional motivational speaker can help you:
•Improve one’s attitude

Inspiring others is just one of things that motivational speakers do. They try to broaden one’s views about certain things as well as help other people take a look at the attitude that’s dominant within themselves. Motivational speakers can help a person change his attitude for the better.

However, such changes do not happen in a single day. Instead, a keynote speaker can motivate you to continue working on improving yourself towards your goal regardless of the obstacles that you encounter along the way. Success and a better lifestyle are usually achieve through constant positive changes in one’s attitude.

•Boost one’s morale

When people go through a monotonous routine each and every day, their morale tends to drop. Seminars, workshops and conferences are usually put up to motivate people and boost their morale. The keynote speaker’s function would be to serve as the medium to channel his experience and knowledge to other people in order to inspire them to work on their lapses and become better individuals. Businesses can hire a speaker to talk to their employees, while organizations can have their members listen to a talk by one of the most qualified motivational speakers in their industry.

•Generation of ideas

A motivational speaker can help create new ideas and generate a whole thought process when they talk to the crowd. People who go through stress and monotonous routines oftentimes don’t use their mind in its fullest potential. It is important that their minds be energized through intensive thought processes that are usually encourage by professional motivational speakers.

•Acceptance of changes

People usually resist and hate changes. Most people feel vulnerable under a new rule, environment, or procedure. In order to dispel their doubts and alleviate their fears, organizations can seek help from motivational speakers. They can help people nurture a positive outlook towards drastic changes. The speaker can make people realize that change is not necessarily a bad thing and that the change was done for the betterment of the members and the organization as a whole.

•Review one’s way of living

A simple talk with a keynote speaker can provide people the opportunity to re-evaluate their lives and rethink their daily ways. An effective motivational speaker can instill this message to their audience. They can help persuade people to make use of all the things that they have learned in the session and apply it to their daily lives. Many businesses and organizations have improved with the help of regular events and seminars, with motivational speakers leading the talk.

Motivational speakers can help people realize their full potential and introduce positive changes to their lives. They can also address pressing questions that plague today’s environment and industry. A lot of people have already gained the benefits of having a motivational speaker around. More and more people are also doing the same with the hopes of improving their business and organization.

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The Science Behind Modern Golf Balls

Learning how golf balls work might seem like unnecessary homework for most people. It does take a bit of time and effort to get an idea of how these balls work, but in the end it’ll all have been worth it.

Knowing how a ball works will give a player the idea of what to expect. Some balls are made for distance, others control and so much more. Understanding how all of that can affect a shot goes a long way in helping to improve a golfer’s game.

Golf ballsThere used to be a time when people didn’t really care much about how the ball worked. It wasn’t until the feather ball that people began to value the ball itself. The great thing about studying how these balls work is that it won’t take too much of a person’s time. Below are some of the basics that will give people an overview of how modern golf balls work.

A look at the dimples

Dimples are those tiny little dents that most people see on a golf ball. The dents that populate the surface of the ball is a characteristic of the ball that most people are familiar with.

What most people think is that these dimples are just design gimmicks. Things that add flavor to the ball and add no real function. In other words, the dimples are there for rhyme and not reason.

The reason why dimples are scattered across the surface goes all the way back to the early days. During the old days of golf, golfers made use of a ball that was made from leather and feathers. The ball was known as the feathery. The funny thing about featheriness is that they had a tendency to fly farther when they became old and worn. The newer balls actually flew a shorter distance.

The difference in performance was due to the imperfections on the old feathery that allowed it to fly farther. Manufacturers then realized just how important that was and began to find a way to emulate the effect with mass produced balls. The end result was the dimple. And the rest as they say is history.

The ball piece

Golf balls are packed in a box that indicates the kind of balls that they contain based on their piece. The piece refers to the ball’s construction and the number and kinds of layers that it has.

The balls that most beginners usually use are single layer balls. These balls are the least expensive of all the different types. The single layer balls, as its name implies, is constructed from a single solid piece.

Casual golfers often prefer two-piece balls. These two-piece balls provide extreme durability and helps golfers achieve maximum distance.

Three-piece balls are often the most expensive. These balls are used by people who prioritize control over anything else. A lot of pros who prefer precision over power choose this particular kind of ball.

Compression and the ball

Compression is a term that was initially used to refer to the value of the rubber used inside the ball. Rubber often serves as the core of the ball. Compression was the unit of measurement that people used to identify the quality. It seeks to measure the degree of change in a ball’s shape under compressive load.

There was this belief back then that balls performed better the tighter they were wound up. Recently developed heating techniques have shown that the theory was false. Compression is still rated today because it can give golfers an idea of the feel. Golfers need to get a proper fitting to find out which golf balls suit their liking.

Tips And Techniques For Content Writers

Being a content writer is not merely about writing of any kind of text and then putting it up online. It is just not as straightforward as that anymore.

Coming up with good, optimized written work entails a lot of strategy. You need to know how to make your web content stand out amidst the multitude of content found online.


One of the most basic things to do is to have your researcher hat on all the time. They say that before you even think of yourself as a writer, you should think of yourself first as a researcher. Take the time to research about the piece you want to come up with. Make notes on any promising idea that pops into your head right away. Flesh it out little by little in keywords or phrases.

Search online for possible sources and save links and URLS that will give you leads. This can be an article on similar topics, video content, or even user-generated forums. Put them into whatever note software or app that you use or even simply put it into your phone’s memory.

To be among the best content writers, you must do the virtual legwork. This helps you prepare for what you want to write so that it flows more easily and saves you time and effort. This is one of the best ways to make sure you are creating content that fundamentally has quality and quite simply makes sense.

Be specific

Contrary to what you might think, it is easier to talk about one specific topic than to try to discuss a whole general idea. With the latter, you inevitably run out of things to say once you have given your main idea. You find yourself just restating things you have already said. Then when you try to insert the subtopics to the general idea, you end up having a piece that runs much too long that it isn’t optimized anymore.

Content WritersGive yourself a break and take just one particular topic to go into detail about. You will find that there are so many more efficient ways to discuss it. Content writers need to be able to dissect and condense words efficiently to avoid producing just plain fluff.

Know your audience

Writing for the Internet is all about reaching audiences. This is why going “viral” has become such a big goal for anyone who wants to put their content our there. Getting it to viral status means you have successfully latched on to the exact people you want your content to resonate with and that incites a domino effect as they share it to others just like them. But how exactly do you make sure this happens or is, at the very least, poised to happen?

Content writers must write content with the proper audience in mind. Are you talking to millenials? Make sure it is appealing enough. Talk like a peer. Be sensitive to the profile (i.e. sympathize with how millenials bear the brunt of being misunderstood by older generations). Is your topic interesting and relevant to their day to day lives? Put yourself in their shoes.

Write plainly

This is not at all like your English compositions back in school. Being among the many content writers, part of your responsibility is to make it readable for netizens. When your piece is much too long and, for example, requires a click to the next page, you will automatically lose a substantial percentage of your readers.

People who go online do not want to read excessively long narratives. For them, that is reserved for books and newspapers. Online, it is all about the quick scan. Articles should go no longer than 800 words. Write-ups and reviews are best at 100 to 200 words. Blurbs should be just a sentence or two.

It is important to make your content easy to absorb in just a couple of minutes or less.

There certainly are many different aspects to the work that you have to constantly keep in mind to make sure that you are doing it in the most efficient way. As a content writer, staying informed and being on top of all the tricks of the trade that will help you easily bypass the struggles is the best thing you can do.

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Lapel Pins for Recognition

Lapel pins are great items as awards during recognition programs as they are affordable, easy to wear and can serve as a life-long remembrance for a certain recognition received. Whatever the occasion is, and whoever you want to honor, a lapel pin is a great way to recognize an accomplishment, reward a great performance, or convey gratitude. Some of the most common awards recognized with lapel pins are as follows.

lapelpinsRecognize an exemplary performance or a positive behavior such as perfect attendance or achievement of annual targets. Whatever the reason is, it is important for employers to reward a good performance and consistent positive behavior of employees to keep them motivated and continue to contribute to the achievement of goals. Boosting the morale of the employees can have positive effects to any organization and are important in helping achieve business targets and organizational goals.

Lapel pins bearing the company logo and name can help make the employees feel that they belong to the organization and they also feel honored for having been chosen worthy to wear the company’s pin, which is usually reserved for high-ranking officials. Pins bearing specific awards such as employees of the year, perfect attendance, or top sales person of the year are a great way to honor and immortalize an accomplishment. Recipients will surely be happy to receive and keep this memento as a reminder of their personal achievement.

Celebrate service anniversaries. Loyal employees are valuable assets to any business organization. They are also rewarded handsomely. It is usual for companies to recognize those who are with the company for many years already. Service anniversary awards are commonly given to those who have already rendered five, ten, fifteen, twenty or more years of service. When giving these pins, have a standard design for you company, and have the size and the value of the pin increasing with the number of years of service rendered. A small pin may be prepared for those who have been there for five years, a slightly bigger one for the tenth years of service, an even bigger for the 15th, and so on. This way, employees would look forward to collecting them along the way as they also grow with the company.

Thank donors. This is a great idea for non-profit and charitable organizations to try. Donors do not usually expect anything in return for their donations. However, you may surprise them by giving away lapel pins as a token of gratitude for their kindness and generosity. Your donors would be proud to have something as symbol of their involvement. This would go a long way in making the act of giving a rewarding experience for donors. Hopefully, this will also motivate them to continue the deed, or even encourage others to also share as they did. In the end, it is always polite and nice to say thank you in whatever ways the organization would find possible.

Recognize a promotion. Employees’ promotion is always a major thing in any work place. Not only does it signify an increase in the pay check. It is also a sign of achievement and success for people who love their careers. Just like the specific recognition for certain achievements and exemplary behaviors, you can also use lapel pins to honor somebody who has been promoted. This will show the person that he or she is valued in the organization and that her skills, knowledge and attitude make him or her an asset to the organization. This will also motivate other employees to emulate the example and strive to be like their supervisors and bosses someday.