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Watch Out! Pay Close Attention to Details When Making Custom Lanyards

Customized lanyards may seem to be small unimportant things but if people just look close enough, they will realize that such accessories are far from worthless. Since the designs are actually intricate, people don’t want to settle with the mediocre ones, what they want are high-quality custom lanyards. So in creating these lanyards, people must seriously need to pay close attention to the designs and materials used, especially for the custom made lanyards. Well, here are some pointers in making these neck lanyards.

It’s necessary to first think about the materials to be used. People have to think of the lanyard’s width and length. In selecting the size, they also have to consider the design they prefer and how are they going to print it on the lanyard. Luckily, there are a lot of printing options available, starting with the widely used ‘heat transfer’ method. This is perfect for polyester lanyards, but challenges may arise when printing certain designs. Silkscreen printing is another option; this technique is more suitable for nylon lanyards. Whichever method is used, one should always take note of the design to be printed.

Custom LanyardsOnce those matters have been given sufficient thought, it’s time to pay attention to design-related details. What exactly should appear on the custom lanyards? For the print to look great, the design should also be superb. In order to achieve this, it is recommended to use a vector design for optimal results and the file type should only be limited to .CDR, .AI, .PDF and other similar formats. Unfortunately, some people don’t care and use the normal type of file instead, which is the .JPG file. It is actually wrong because if the .jpg format is used, the result of the design will be unclear, and in turn, the custom lanyards are compromised and customers don’t want that.

Another thing that needs to be considered is the lanyard’s length. Selecting the length of the neck lanyard may seem unimportant but it actually isn’t. In fact this is really important, and maybe some people think that the longer the lanyard is, the better, but again, it isn’t. The length of neck lanyards even varies in different continents. For example, 45-50CM is generally and popularly used for American and European customers, while 40-45CM is used for the customers around China. So know the region of the recipient before proceeding further.

Moving on, it’s also crucial to identify which occasion the lanyard will be used for, so one can choose the appropriate accessories. In designing custom lanyards, the occasion or event they will be used for must be taken into full consideration. Of course, people want lanyard designs to be appropriate for the event. The accessories of the lanyard, as well as its color and texture, also have to be on point. With that in mind, try to avoid adding metal accessories to the neck lanyard because it might annoy the person that will use it – especially if the event involves all sorts of physical activities.

As for the cost of the lanyard, expensive doesn’t always equate to quality. Admittedly, most consumers think that going for the most expensive option is the same as getting the best quality. However, for someone who will be making such laces, there’s a need to strike a balance between profit and quality. Always know that there are materials out there that are of excellent quality but are not necessarily expensive. Find good suppliers and while you’re are at it, why not use environment-friendly materials? Environment-friendly materials are known to be durable so they will last long and they are not generally pricey.

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