Lapel Pins for Recognition

Lapel pins are great items as awards during recognition programs as they are affordable, easy to wear and can serve as a life-long remembrance for a certain recognition received. Whatever the occasion is, and whoever you want to honor, a lapel pin is a great way to recognize an accomplishment, reward a great performance, or convey gratitude. Some of the most common awards recognized with lapel pins are as follows.

lapelpinsRecognize an exemplary performance or a positive behavior such as perfect attendance or achievement of annual targets. Whatever the reason is, it is important for employers to reward a good performance and consistent positive behavior of employees to keep them motivated and continue to contribute to the achievement of goals. Boosting the morale of the employees can have positive effects to any organization and are important in helping achieve business targets and organizational goals.

Lapel pins bearing the company logo and name can help make the employees feel that they belong to the organization and they also feel honored for having been chosen worthy to wear the company’s pin, which is usually reserved for high-ranking officials. Pins bearing specific awards such as employees of the year, perfect attendance, or top sales person of the year are a great way to honor and immortalize an accomplishment. Recipients will surely be happy to receive and keep this memento as a reminder of their personal achievement.

Celebrate service anniversaries. Loyal employees are valuable assets to any business organization. They are also rewarded handsomely. It is usual for companies to recognize those who are with the company for many years already. Service anniversary awards are commonly given to those who have already rendered five, ten, fifteen, twenty or more years of service. When giving these pins, have a standard design for you company, and have the size and the value of the pin increasing with the number of years of service rendered. A small pin may be prepared for those who have been there for five years, a slightly bigger one for the tenth years of service, an even bigger for the 15th, and so on. This way, employees would look forward to collecting them along the way as they also grow with the company.

Thank donors. This is a great idea for non-profit and charitable organizations to try. Donors do not usually expect anything in return for their donations. However, you may surprise them by giving away lapel pins as a token of gratitude for their kindness and generosity. Your donors would be proud to have something as symbol of their involvement. This would go a long way in making the act of giving a rewarding experience for donors. Hopefully, this will also motivate them to continue the deed, or even encourage others to also share as they did. In the end, it is always polite and nice to say thank you in whatever ways the organization would find possible.

Recognize a promotion. Employees’ promotion is always a major thing in any work place. Not only does it signify an increase in the pay check. It is also a sign of achievement and success for people who love their careers. Just like the specific recognition for certain achievements and exemplary behaviors, you can also use lapel pins to honor somebody who has been promoted. This will show the person that he or she is valued in the organization and that her skills, knowledge and attitude make him or her an asset to the organization. This will also motivate other employees to emulate the example and strive to be like their supervisors and bosses someday.