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Want To Start Your Own Funeral Home?

Starting your own funeral homes is one good business venture. Why not? People die every day. That’s a fact, whether you like it or not. You’ll need burial services one time or another as death is a major part of life.Establish a funeral home; you’ll always have a source of income. The concept won’t be too hard to understand. Being able to create a functional business plan will even give you the opportunity to become a millionaire.

Getting Started

Don’t discount the fact that what you are starting is a business. In starting a business, the first part is getting yourself familiarized with the industry. Have an overview of how the funeral homes go. A lot of resources are there for your disposal – use it. Read up on gentrygriffey for different subjects to see which works and which won’t. As early as possible, you should also develop a budget to assist you in starting and operating the funeral home. Don’t go into debts if you can. Stay within the limits without compromising the quality of your funeral home.

Proper Education and Training

Educational and training requirements need to be met before starting a funeral home. States usually require funeral directors minimal college education in mortuary science on which you’ll need an associate degree. A funeral home license will also be needed administered through a board exam.Your state may also need requirements for apprenticeship – some need at least a year of apprenticeship under licensed funeral directors prior to taking the exams.

Proper Location and Facilities

Funeral HomesYou will also need to search for a space for the funeral home. Bear in mind that rooms for embalming and cremating may also be needed.For embalming, you’ll need refrigeration as well as space for body preparation. Other necessities are rooms and reception areas for holding funeral services. You can also allot space for a showroom so you can sell urns and caskets. Another feature of funeral homes that you may want to add is a private meeting room, or a playroom for children.

Pricing and Fees

A funeral home business will also need you to create a list of the products and services offered. Make sure to include their prices individually, such as the body’s transportation to the funeral home, embalming fees, and memorial service arrangements.You also have to inform your clients that they are not obliged to purchase a full package from you, and they can instead take advantage of individual products and services, if that’s what they prefer.

Staff Hiring

Being a funeral director will allow you to handle activities such as coordinating with families, making arrangements regarding handling the body, and administering the needs of your business.If you’re planning to do cremation and embalming, then it’s best to hire experienced staff to help you do those tasks. To add, you can also hire a receptionist to welcome and direct people during ongoing memorial services. By doing so, you’ll get the support you need as you assist families and handle tasks during these moments in their lives.


Opening funeral homes isn’t easy; there are a lot of things to do and a lot of tasks to accomplish. You also need strong customer service skills, as well as compassion, so you can work well with these families in their time of grief. It will also be helpful if you’re going to be familiar with different burial customs and beliefs to better provide a personalized experience for your clients. Show your sincere support for the family you assist.Every endeavor, including setting up funeral homes, requires time, effort, money and energy. Do your best, and success is foreseeable.

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Gentry Griffey Funeral Chapel and Crematory has been the premier North Knoxville Funeral Home since 1948. In 2012, we became the only funeral home in Knox County to operate an on-site crematory.